Why freelancing is the future of work? 9 Reasons to choose freelancing in 2022

Freelancing Life

Your hunt for a better job has no stopping point. It is because you may hardly find a salaried job ideal for you or there would always be some aspect of it that won’t suit you. It may be the compensation, the working hours, the colleagues or your manager, or the workplace. The only way to make a successful career is love what you do or do what you love.

However, these limitations of a salaried job have a way out called freelancing. With freelancing, you can continue to work on your passion and convert your passion into your profession. Freelancing provides lot of flexibility in selecting the kind of work you intend to do, clients you may want to work with and even you work/day schedule. So if you are looking forward to shifting from your regular job to freelancing, you must know you are on the right path.

9 Reasons to opt freelancing

Here we have listed nine reasons why freelancing is better than other jobs. These are some of the perks to be a freelancer.

1. Be your own boss

With a regular job, there are chances you might struggle to work with your manager or colleagues, there could be various reasons for that – from misalignment in working style to unrealistic expectation, office politics or micromanagement by your manager. To succeed in the job, you need to get aligned with your manager and the larger team who might have different approach or opinion towards office work, making you feel out of place or not valued in your organization. However, the biggest advantage of freelancing is that you have no boss. You are your own boss.

However, it is unrealistic to expect that you may not have a work pressure, or your clients will always be aligned to your thoughts or work output. But the advantage here is that it is totally up to you to choose your client, work schedule and kind of work you intend or love to do.

2. Flexible working hours

Tight working schedules seem burden to you in regular jobs. You will have to bear those weird looks while entering late for work. Not to forget the number of requests you must make for leaving early or taking a day off.

But with freelancing, you get to turn the clock. You can enjoy flexible working hours. You can work during the time of the day that suits you the best and utilize your potential to the fullest. You can take refreshment breaks and get back to work. So as a freelancer, you get more productive even if you work less than the office hours.

3. Make your passion your profession.

Let’s not act ignorant to this point. We all know that most of the people hate their job because their profession is unrelated to their passion. With a regular job, you have no say in the projects you would love to work on and the projects that interest you the least. So you are more likely to hate your job.

But as a freelancer, you have the freedom to choose the projects you would love to do and that fall under your areas of interest. You need not even approach something you do not like, and there is no one forcing anything upon you. So you can love your work and give your all to it.

4. No sticking to a working desk

Are you tired of sticking to your working desk for the complete office hours? Then freelancing is your way out. Through freelancing, your office is where you want it to be. You can work almost anywhere and everywhere.

All you need is a laptop or tablet and a good internet connection. You can use digitalization in your freelancing career and work online or from home. You need not pause your work for a vacation or outing. So your office travels with you if you are a freelancer.

5. Independence of salary

You need to depend entirely on your fixed salary for most regular jobs. You might call it income security, but if you dig deeper, you will realize you have more earning potential per hour than a regular job. So why not utilize your full working potential to earn as much as you want with freelancing?

There is an eternal scope for increasing your earnings with freelancing, either by taking up more work, dealing with more clients, or targeting better clients. You can keep increasing your rates as you hone your experience and skills with time. You can use Welance’s freelancer hour calculator to assure you charge the right price.

You keep all you earn to yourself unless you have staff working under you. Hence, you have all the strings in your pocket as a freelancer.

6. Varieties of options available

You get a regular job based on your skillset and need to stick to it unless you go for a job change. So you are most likely to get bored doing the same thing every day, and your work life becomes monotonous.

But freelancing gives you varieties of options on your plate. You can pick anything anytime. You get to work on diverse niches simultaneously and fill the sandwich of your work life with the ingredients you like. So if you are a content writer and skilled digital artist, you can choose a project based on content writing and design for the other. Welance helps you connect with clients from multiple domains to end your search on one platform.

7. Earn confidence

A regular job might not be able to boost your confidence with time as you live a monotonous work life. But as a freelancer, you earn confidence along with money. It is because you manage your business from head to toe on your own.

Whether it is about managing and communicating with clients, finding potential clients, streamlining the workload, or sending invoices regularly, you have all the keys to the treasure. Hence, as you begin managing things, you might face challenges. But eventually, you become confident about running a business in the long run.

With Welance, you can begin your freelancing career with the least challenges. It manages various roles and responsibilities that come with freelancing and allows you to build, manage, and grow systematically.

So whether you want to capture leads, schedule meetings with clients, advertise your services, prepare schedules, record expenses, or send regular invoices, Welance has your back. With this platform, you can make more and avoid the management hustles.

8. Get into a learning process

Learning is the way to grow. Freelancing makes you walk the path of learning. With a regular job, your growth curve is more or less constant, and you get stuck to what you do without knowing how other departments work.

But as a freelancer, as you manage all the departments on your own, you learn all the skills that come with them. You not only hone your skills with every project you work on but also grab skills beyond your scopes, such as client management, accounts, bookkeeping, lead management, and much more.

The best part is you can apply the skills you gain in your upcoming projects and keep broadening your working scope with time. So with freelancing, you get an ever-increasing growth curve in your career.

9. A better work-life balance

Eventually, everything boils down to balancing your work and personal life. While a regular salaried job may not be able to give you time for family and friends, you can easily make time for them as a freelancer. It does not mean freelancing is all about having fun. But at least you have the benefit of equalizing the fun and work arms of your personal-professional life balance.


Freelancing comes with numerous roles and responsibilities to manage for a single person. But remember, you get to be your own boss and eliminate everything lacking in other jobs. Hence, considering the perks of freelancing, you can begin a fruitful career as a freelancer and do what clicks you the most.

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