FAQs on Creator Protect Plan by Welance

What is creator protect plan by Welance

What is the Creator Protection Plan?

Creator Protection Plan is a comprehensive plan that enables access to Welance platform and comes with an insurance policy underwritten by SBI general insurance limited. With internet being the primary mode of business for most of the digital creators, the creators and their followers are exposed to a wider risk online. The use of internet has brought convenience for many, but, it has also been responsible for exposing individuals to perils like cyber-attacks. Considering the exposure to online risks, “Creator Protect” provides protection to financial losses arises from Cyber Risks only in line with Cyber-attack.

Who can buy the plan?

Registered digital creators with Welance can buy this plan.

Is there any Waiting period applicable?

There is no waiting period applicable.

What is the benefit of buying this plan?

  • Enables full access to Welance platform.
  • Protects You against Cyber Risks.
  • Take care of Your legal costs and expenses incurred in pursuing or defending legal action against by the third party.
  • Complete peace of mind for Your activities conducted on the internet or online transaction.
  • Reimburse You for the expenses incurred for the services of an IT specialist to restore data.
  • Covers psychologist consultation expenses for traumatic stress.
  • Covers loss of wages resulting from identity theft.

What will be the plan tenure?

Plan Tenure is 1 year only.

What are the deductibles under this plan?

There are no deductibles under this plan.

What would be claim process?

In case of any claim, you may contact Us on 180 022 1111 / 1800 102 1111 or you may email to SBI general insurance limited at customer.care@sbigeneral.in. Visit https://www.sbigeneral.in/claim for more information.