Freelance For Freedom: 5 Benefits You Will Enjoy (And Earn Well)

Freelancer life
If your work has become a handcuff because of incessant calls, stretched working hours, and a rude boss, you will feel like staying in jail. But with freelancing, you feel more liberated and less stressed.

When you opt for freelancing, the roads are challenging and bumpy. But that doesn’t mean the benefits are any less. That’s why the US contributes a huge share in the freelancers’ community globally: 57M.

Benefits of Freelancing that Make You Feel Free?


1.    Freedom of Work

As a freelancer, you enjoy the freedom of work. No, we don’t mean, you can chuck job whenever you want. We mean, you choose your clients and the number of clients.

You have the complete freedom to choose whom to work with. For example, letting go of projects that don’t suit your working style or rates is your decision. Or, if a clients ask for revisions beyond the agreed iterations, you can make a choice.

When you choose a client of your liking, chances are you won’t get into discordance. Not only the type of clients, but you can also select the amount of work. There’s no other big reason freelancing is synonymous with flexibility.

You don’t need to travel while working, and you can work when you travel. Your clients won’t demand your presence unless unavoidable. No boss or team members would ask for a face-to-face meeting.

2.    Flexibility with Time

A busy month due to a wedding in the family? Or Kids have a tough time adjusting to a new school or place. No worries, cut down on work and increase family time. You don’t need to worry about losing your job too. Just hire someone temporarily and pay them to substitute for you.

Likewise, you can take more projects if your calendar looks free.

When you freelance, you can easily decide your working hours. The obligation to mark your presence by 9 in the morning or the hurry to leave the office by 5 or 6 don’t haunt you. Instead, you decide your working hours and days. That’s why 46% of freelancers echo our words on flexibility.

On lesser hectic days, you can utilize your time networking extensively or sharpening your arsenal of skills. However, on swamped days, go about doing your work and dedicate an hour extra or two. Then, you can compensate the next day with rest.

No one usually asks you to attend calls on weekends or official holidays.

3.    Work-Life Balance

87% of freelancers in the US prefer a work-life balance.

When you freelance, you choose your work schedules, workload, and clients. Isn’t that complete freedom what a working professional looks for? That’s is what a good balance between work and personal life looks like.

You can take off for one entire month during summers when you’re traveling to meet your parents and old friends. You can accompany your spouse on their work or leisure trips and still work because you can work from anywhere. You don’t need to confine yourself to cubicle life.

Living a nomadic life and fulfilling your wanderlust is also a beneficial byproduct if planned well.

4.    Freedom to Personal Care

Getting calls late in the night, ungodly morning hours, and during off days are standard in a full-time job. Especially when your role is in a highly skilled area. 50% of freelancers work in highly skilled jobs like marketing, IT, and consulting and can’t escape the woes of untimed calls. But when you freelance, you can sleep peacefully, knowing everything is under your control.

You know how your upcoming week looks like. Usually, no surprises await you. So, you get time to relax, sleep, manage an exercise routine, and avoid tiredness.

You don’t need to travel for work, which saves energy. You can work when you travel and enjoy every free minute in the lap of nature or with dear ones. Such a relaxed environment is always a boost to your enthusiasm.

5.    Pride of Ownership

If freelancing has seeped into your blood and veins as a seasoned remote worker, you may believe that you are your own boss.

But if you’re still en-route to be the CEO of your career, you learn sales, marketing, lead generation, accounting, and handling clients. You are the one-man-army, and so, the pride of ownership pushes you to move ahead every day and overcome the struggle.

Also, you have the authority to revise your rates as you grow and learn. When you’re an employee, you have to ask for pay hikes and promotions every time you deserve them. As a telecommuter in the gig economy, you can communicate with your clients and increase your rates.

This gives you the flexibility to achieve your financial targets by taking the proper load of work.

Ready to Taste Freedom?

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