Creator Insurance

Why Do Content Creators Need Insurance?

Insurance is a must for any digital creator. Like any tangible business or service, creators are subject to various dangers that could cause them to lose a considerable amount of money, damage their reputation, or even close their business.

Give professional makeover to your business

How to give professional touch to your business?

As the digital economy expands and new skill requirements emerges. Independent professionals and freelancers are replacing most of the work earlier being delivered by some of the leading management consulting firms, this has been further augmented by growth in startups as they look for experts who can be quickly onboarded and embedded into a cross functional team to execute some of the key strategic assignments.

The overall management consulting market in India is worth $ 1.4 billion and independent consultants can very well disrupt this market by packaging and offering their services in a much more professional manner.  Read more to understand how to give a professional touch to your business.

How To Design an Invoice That Gets Paid Faster?

How To Design an Invoice That Gets Paid Faster?

Delay in payment or slow paying clients is one of the major compliant of all freelancers and businesses. Often this may not be always a problem with clients, but freelancers are also equally responsible for not sharing the right or ambiguous invoices.

While you might not stress about preparing an invoice, do you know a well-structured invoice can help you get paid faster for your services? For your business to prosper, you must ensure timely payments.

Freelancing Life

Why freelancing is the future of work? 9 Reasons to choose freelancing in 2022

Your hunt for a better job has no stopping point. It is because you may hardly find a salaried job ideal for you or there would always be some aspect of it that won’t suit you. It may be the compensation, the working hours, the colleagues or your manager, or the workplace. The only way to make a successful career is love what you do or do what you love.

10 Money management tips for freelancers

10 Money management tips for freelancers!

Freelancing has many good sides with the capability to make you financially independent using your skills at their best. 

However, it also brings money management issues due to a lack of time and management skills. But you can hone your money management skills with the tips mentioned above and utilize your precious time to enhance your business.

Hourly Rate Calculator

How much should you really be charging your clients?

One of the most common questions one may have when starting as independent consultant or freelancer is how much should they be charging per hour for their services.
There are a number of factors to consider when setting an hourly rate. To make it easier for you, we have created a calculator to help you determine your hourly rate.

Think big, start small, scale fast

Start Small to Achieve Big Dreams!

If you dream of achieving big goals one day, you don’t need to start big too. The compounding effect of small accomplishments would echo into something substantial with time. And remember, most big tasks are simply unachievable if you don’t break them down into tiny and manageable goals.