Start Small to Achieve Big Dreams!

Think big, start small, scale fast

If you dream of achieving big goals one day, you don’t need to start big too. The compounding effect of small accomplishments would echo into something substantial with time. And remember, most big tasks are simply unachievable if you don’t break them down into tiny and manageable goals.

Don’t forget, every new year’s resolution loses its sheen and vigor by the end of the first week. And as January ends, a big percentage of resolutions are forgotten, dusted, and dimmed. The reason could be our herd mentality. And the absence of accountability and management.

Today’s blog post motivates you to start small and achieve big in the longer run.

Start Small to Achieve Big Dreams

1.    Resolutions Don’t Work. Efforts Do.

Most often, you might have noticed, your determination to achieve an ideal diet plan crashed on the seventh or eighth day. Or maybe a month. One flash of your favorite dessert, and you can’t resist. But you had resolved to not eat the desserts, didn’t you?

So, efforts help, not resolutions. Resolutions are big goals. When you make efforts, you’re bound to divide your aim into tiny achievable jobs.

Pick up a free website builder to start a consulting agency and create your portfolio. Or get it done for a small fraction of money from experts like Welance rather than investing a huge budget on a fancy self-hosted website with all possible tabs included. Now you have the basic digital shop to attract customers.

Take small steps and gain. Learn, improve, and expand. Not just make resolutions, make efforts to achieve those.

2.    Small Tasks Have Compounding Effect.

Have you dropped a stone in a lake? It first creates one ripple, then another. Slowly, numerous ripples cover the whole surface. Remember how a small scream in an icy mountain can crack the ice and cause landslides and drifts?

With small habits, the same effect brings about the ripple effect.

Imagine this: Your doctor has asked you to double your water intake. You can’t go from four glasses to eight in just a day or two. You might start with one extra glass of water for 2-3 days. Once your bladder adjusts itself to the increased amount, you slowly add one more.

Likewise, if you want to run a financial consulting firm, you can’t hire a league of employees rich in talent and experience and take in ten clients in one go. You have to start small and create the cascading effect.

Hire one expert in taxation and another in investment, assuming you have some financial consultancy knowledge. You would onboard a few manageable clients with a nominal budget and work on limited projects. Once you successfully hit a few bull’s-eyes, you can expand your clientele lists and ramp up your staff.

3.    Learn to Forgive Your Failures.

Having said to start small doesn’t mean you would always see upward progress in your dreams. You might stumble. Bumpers would stall your progress. Sometimes, you might feel a complete failure looming around you.

But you have to learn to forgive your mistakes. Most failures result from your mistakes unless planted your way by your rivals. This is the reason dieticians suggest detox diets. To flush out the flawed toxins from your body. To course-correct your weight-loss journey. 

Similarly, you must learn to flush out your mistakes and flaws. Course correction by embracing your mistakes is a good solution.

Start Small, Scale Fast

4.    Embrace Your Flaws and Course Correct

Starting small is especially beneficial if the outcomes don’t turn into your favor. And not all failures are the ultimate outcome. They, most often, are your stepping stones to change your path and correct your process.

Imagine starting a posh gym that collapses after 2 years of your hardship. You might not bounce back after the blow. But if you start small—like setting up a small online class or as a personal trainer—chances of your derailment are thin. Even if you go astray, you will recover easily.

Likewise, if you start freelancing as a marketing consultant, the failures would be of smaller scales. Not able to bring in desired footfalls on the client’s website, not able to make organic growth for your client’s app. But knowing the flaws would help you to correct the course.

But if you directly start an agency, even a small failure would hit a large size of your finances and efforts.


Don’t forget Facebook started from a small garage. And so was Amazon. If you want to sow the foundation of a lush garden, sow the seeds and nurture the saplings first.

At Welance, you can lay the foundation of your bigger dreams and start with baby steps. We offer CRM, proposal management, timesheets, invoicing, project management, and similar aspects for small ventures. Join us today to start something small and nourish your bigger dreams.